Privacy Policy

Privacy policy : Our dear visitors to the Business Gate Company website, we would like to warn you that browsing our site includes your personal agreement on the terms of use of our website and the privacy policy, the data and information sent by our customers are collected after your approval and review the protection policies for the service provided and make sure of the correct information before submitting through our website

When you visit our website via the internet, the service provider writes down the following information:

  1. The address of your device being used via the Internet Protocol
  2. Determine the date of the visit to our website and the type of browser used
  3. The server address in another country in the case of using a VPN

We are committed to the privacy and confidentiality of all information sent by the customer in order to help the customer choose the appropriate property or service required, so it is not shared to a third party, whatever the reasons, without obtaining approval from the customer, and this information remains in the data storage center in our company and can be used later to make analytical statistics for the real estate market In Turkey without sharing the customer’s name or private phone numbers and the others of the personal information

We are pleased to contact you to answer your inquiries via our e-mail:

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